LOGOS 2009 - Present

1 A University of Central Florida club that holds events where blindfolded diners share meals with strangers. 2 A soon to be opened bakery in New York City with an iconic but urban sensibility. 3 Updated logo for the Florida Civil Rights Association. 4 Formerly Lode King, a manufacturer of transportation equipment seeking to modernize its image. 5 A UCF club which promotes recycling programs for off-campus housing. 6 A start-up social networking site based in the UK, the icon represents a deconstructed Union Jack. 7 A local classic rock band with an interest in Eastern mythology. 8 A plumbing company with University of Miami connections. 9 My proposed public art installation for the UF physics building, which would use iron infused liquid and large electromagnets to create a moving, interactive sculpture based on the principles of quantum physics. 10 A proposed design for a national college environmental club. 11 Product development software suite for financial applications.